Welcome to our MRXBD community


Hello everyone. Finally, We create a tech community where people can share their knowledge and experience and technology updates. When we started with this domain it was host on google blogger. Blogger is awesome platform for beginner but when it needs to advance function, customization and building a community then it was not enough. So, we transfer this site to cloud host and XenForo CMS. Which is developed and optimize for Community website.

mrxbd.com first face

Everyone should contribute here because tech community site in Bangladesh is very few. If I mention there name only trickbd and techtunes and some few websites has a tech community. Specially trickbd is inspiration for me to make this community.
We don't have that many rules for this site. Here are some basic rules:

1. You can write with Bengali and English language.
2. Every article should be containing 500+ word (for article).
3. NSFW contend is not allowed.
4. Pirated content is not allowed.
5. Multiple user account is not allowed.

6. Be respected to every user.

As we are updating our site regularly you can find some bug. Day by day it will be more Userfriendly. So, why late? make an account and join our community and share your knowledge.
(If you have any suggestions then make a comment in this thread)
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